Brodie & The Yeti Book Reviews

In the first installment of the series Brodie & The Yeti: The True Tales of Two Little Dogs, author Dennis Robert Komick introduces readers to the canine brothers as they transition into their new lives with Mr. K and Lady K. While life with the K’s is great overall, Brodie and The Yeti have some difficulty adjusting to each other.

Mr. K and Lady K find Brodie, a lively puppy with light, golden fur at a pet store. It is love at first sight for Brodie and Lady K. The K’s take Brodie to their home on the beach and the puppy loves it immediately. But he is lonely when the K’s are at work and wishes for a brother to keep him company. When the K’s bring The Yeti home, a shy dark brown pup, Brodie’s reaction to his new brother is not quite what the reader might expect.

This is a well-written, beautifully illustrated book that will appeal to a pre-school through school-aged audience. Komick offers a simple, yet powerful lesson on sharing that is easily received from two adorable puppies.

Like Brodie, people can be lonely and long for company. But when they get it, they have to adjust to another person (or puppy in this case), being in their space. Sharing is one of the hardest lessons to grasp; even some grown-ups haven’t mastered this skill. Brodie and The Yeti show the reader how tricky and, ultimately, rewarding sharing can be.

Brodie & The Yeti is a great book for a child who is expecting a new sister or brother or simply having trouble sharing with friends and classmates.

Melissa Levine
for Independent Professional Book Reviewers

Brodie & The Yeti: The Yeti Saves Coco Bunny is the second book in author Dennis Robert Komick’s series about the adventures of two adorable puppies. In this installment, the puppies learn what it means to look beyond their own well-being to help a friend in danger.

On a rainy night, Brodie and The Yeti go to Grandma’s house with their parents, Mr. K and Lady K. As is their normal routine at Grandma’s house, the canine brothers head for the back yard to greet Coco Bunny, Grandma’s rabbit. But on this night, it is cold and rainy. Brodie goes out then quickly returns to the house where he seeks out Grandma. The Yeti ventures out into the yard, but doesn’t come right back. After some time, Mr. K goes out to find him and learns why The Yeti has lingered in the backyard.

In this edition of the Brodie & The Yeti series, Komick teaches the reader about the power of friendship and selflessness. While Brodie is focused on getting out of the rain, The Yeti follows through in his search for Coco Bunny and saves his friend’s life. The story teaches a great lesson on the importance of looking out for other people.

Komick has a knack for presenting serious lessons in a manner that is not preachy or harsh. Using puppies as his main characters is a wonderful method of teaching that children will readily welcome.

Brodie & The Yeti: The Yeti Saves Coco Bunny is demonstrative of the potential influence this series can have in relaying life lessons to young children.

Melissa Levine
for Independent Professional Book Reviewers

‘I just want to be loved...’ In our hearts, we all long for what these two adorable, adopted dogs find in their they learn to accept one another. This charming metaphor for learning and sharing shows us how we all need to have the patience and guidance to let love grow...and it does!

Valerie Maxwell, Ph.D.,,
Foundation For Learning

The story of The Yeti Saves Coco Bunny is a beautiful and exciting depiction of a dog’s ability to communicate with their owner. Dogs do adapt to situations and communicate and act accordingly, just like humans. This book demonstrates this wonderful and intelligent ability.

Dr. Alice Villalobos, D.M.V. & D.P.N.A.P.
Founding member of the Veterinarian Cancer Society;
Leader in the movement of Pet Hospice