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Book One

Brodie & The Yeti

When Brodie settles into his new home with the K’s something seems to be missing...a brother! But when The Yeti moves in, what will Brodie do when he has to share everything—even his toys? Read along as these two lovable brothers learn the importance of sharing and caring for others.

“A heartwarming story for children of
all ages with messages about family,
adoption, cooperation, adventure, and
friendship throughout.”

Bobbi Jean Greenseth
First Grade Teacher

Book Two

The Yeti Saves Coco Bunny

Brodie and The Yeti are off to check on Grandma during a cold and rainy storm. When they dart out into the dark of Grandma’s rain soaked backyard only Brodie returns. Where is The Yeti? What is he doing? Is everything going to be all right?

“Loyalty and friendships are not limited to relationships between humans and animals. We have seen and heard of strories that tug at our hearts describing unbelievably strong bonds between four-footed furry animals. This story helps us remember how important friendships are in all of our lives.”

Carreen Schuller, R.V.T.
Owner, PAWSPICE veterinary clinic

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